Voice Mail

Business anytime, anywhere with MiDAS VMS

MiDAS Voice Mail controls messages for hundreds of users whilst maintaining an individual telephone answering service for each person, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each message is date & time stamped and kept in the order they were received. The messages remain private & confidential and can be reviewed from any touch tone telephone with the appropriate password. Message notification settings and a personalised greeting can be changed at any time by the mailbox owner

The Fax Messaging option provides an integrated fax messaging solution. Faxes can be sent directly to the persons mailbox. Message notification is indicated in the same way as for voice messages informing the recipient that a fax message has been received. The mailbox owner then has the ability to forward the fax to his current location, or if unified messaging is installed to his e-mail inbox

The optional Unified Messaging module merges Voice Mail, E-Mail and Fax messages into a customised mailbox that can be accessed using the communications device of your choice - telephone or computer, anywhere in the world. Voice Messages downloaded to the e-mail inbox can be played through the computer's speaker as they are delivered by MiDAS VMS in WAV format. Similarly fax messages can be viewed on the computer's screen as they are provided in TIF format. By replying to the relevant e-mail message, voice or fax messages can be deleted or saved

The Automatic Attendant feature of MiDAS VMS answers calls immediately and gives the caller the option to speak with an operator, or to go directly to a desired extension

MiDAS VMS can answer repetitive questions by having the caller make selections from a menu of options. Messages can be taken if extensions are busy or unavailable. Callers without a touch tone telephone may be transferred immediately to a live operator or they are able to leave a message. Alternate prompts can be played on weekends or after hours

MiDAS VMS Automatic Call Distribution feature is similar to Automatic Attendant but intelligently decides to which extension number the call should be transferred

The Audiotext module provides the means to convert text to speech. Text messages can be composed by the System Administrator and sent to a single mailbox or to a group of users. If the unified messaging module is installed, the mailbox owner can also listen to his e-mail messages

MiDAS VMS is available for analogue PABXs which requires a stand-alone machine with Dialogic Voice hardware or as a SIP version which is a software only application which can run in a virtual environment.