Corporate - Call Management

MiDAS 2000 Professional Call Management System

MiDAS offers an affordable solution to control your telephone account and put an end to telephone abuse whilst improving efficiency

MiDAS is a easy to use Windows™ application, it can be loaded either in stand-alone mode, on a virtual machine, or as part of a network. It accumulates call data from

your PABX and enables you to report on the data in a variety of ways. The range of available reports enables the modern business to increase efficiency and controls telephone expenditure


The MiDAS program analyses the accumulated data and produces a wide range of management reports that can be used to enhance your business. The reports can be generated on demand, or at pre-selected intervals. Each report may be stored on disk and can be viewed, printed, emailed or exported into other formats at any time

The reports incorporate cross-reference data, such as name, account codes, cost data and trunk group data, all obtained from tables which are customised for your organisation. Cost data tables are supplied as part of the installation and are itemised for your specific location. The Destination Tables are first customised on installation, and can then be easily maintained by using the Destination Table editor


MiDAS incorporates a flexible password facility to control the access levels of different users. The default security level, which need not be changed unless required, allows any user to access all of the facilities. In cases where different levels of access are required, the system can be configured to have password-dependant access. In such cases, the system only displays the menu items that the user is allowed to access


  • Capable of monitoring 1 to 20000 PABX extensions
  • Multi-User System
  • Multi-level password security
  • Simple user interface
  • Reports can be previewed on screen, printed, emailed or exported into other formats
  • Ability to monitor multiple PABX call logging ports
  • Client specific reports for export to various software applications
  • Export/import files in various formats for database maintenance
  • Multi-level organisational structure
  • Variable costing mechanisms to apply different costs to specific numbers or groups
  • Multi-carrier Call Costing