Hospitals - Telephone Billing

MiDAS Hospital Telecommunications Management

The latest generation of MiDAS Hospital products for Windows offers Hospital managers the means to bill telephone services to patients at flexible tariffs whilst maintaining administrative control and having the ability to email reports and to export report data in Access, Excel and other formats

This system has been developed specifically for the hospital environment where patients and staff use telephones in various locations by using PIN and authorisation codes to make calls

The System can either provide stand-alone patient billing or be connected to the Hospital's accounting System for direct posting to the patient's account. Patient PIN codes are automatically allocated by MiDAS on admission

Records of patient's telephone calls are retained on the system for a pre-determined time after their accounts are settled to deal with subsequent queries

It is also possible to run a wide range of management reports on your administration extensions, including departmental billing, itemised billing and frequency reports to check the most expensive numbers dialled

MiDAS will monitor incoming call frequency and operator response throughout the day to assist in identifying staffing requirements. All these reports can be run automatically each day, week or month