Voice Mail

MiDAS Hotel Voice Messaging

The latest generation of MiDAS Hospitality products for Windows for analogue or SIP PABXs.

The MiDAS Hotel Voice Messaging and Wake Up System has been developed specifically for the hospitality industry after consultation with hoteliers to ensure the very exacting requirements of both the administrative function and the guests were fully met

Guest mailboxes provide a default greeting that allows the incoming caller to either escape to the operator or leave a message. This can be personalised and a PIN number added for additional security. The guest can easily access their mailbox from their room, or with a PIN number, from anywhere in the hotel. With easy to follow prompted voice menus, including an announcement of the number of messages and the option to pause, rewind and fast forward, the system provides a convenient way of retrieving messages. After listening to the message the guest can save, delete or replay

Back of house functionality includes full messaging for up to 9999 users and an auto attendant function providing callers with the option of dialling straight through to extensions or departments, either by number or name. Options can be provided for callers to hear information such as conference and banqueting details, or special offers the hotel may have for weekend breaks, to save staff having to deal with repetitive calls. Optional Fax Messaging allows incoming callers to leave a fax in the users mailbox. The Unified Messaging option directs voice and fax messages to the Users E-mail inbox

Wake Up calls can be made in the Guests' native language, providing a more friendly and cosmopolitan contact from the hotel to its Guests

Make sure your hotel is equipped with the technology to ensure all calls are handled accurately, confidentially and efficiently