Hotels - Telephone Billing

MiDAS Hotel Telecommunications Management

The latest generation of MiDAS Hotel Telephone Management products for Windows ™ offers hotel owners and managers the means to resell telephone, fax and internet services to hotel guests at variable tariffs, maximizing profitability from guest telephone usage whilst providing accurate administrative control

MiDAS interfaces with Property Management Systems and PABXs for automatic unbarring of room telephones when the Guest checks in and subsequent barring when the Guest checks out

MiDAS also passes Guest information to the PABX so that service telephones and switchboards display the calling Guest’s details. Calls are posted directly onto the Guest account at the relevant call tariffs. Interface failure alarms are directed to the system administrator by e-mail or SMS for immediate action

The optional Hotel Voice Messaging provides the hotel with reliable guest messaging, wake up functionality,room status and administration voice mail

Installed in over 25 countries the MiDAS product is globally accepted


Guest Functionality

The MiDAS System can either provide stand-alone guest billing or be connected to the Hotel's Property Management System to provide all telephone management information on guest rooms, automatically. Records of guests' telephone calls are retained on the system for a pre-determined time after their accounts are settled to deal with subsequent queries

Room Status can be maintained on the system. Housekeeping staff report on room preparation and mini bar charges by sending codes to MiDAS , which are then passed to the PMS. MiDAS can also set and cancel wake up calls, and can control the barring and unbarring of telephone handsets in guest rooms. It is even possible to calculate for a guest how much their call will cost, before it is made, ensuring you can keep your guests informed at all times

Administration Functionality

An automatic revenue audit each day will provide a comparison of call costs with revenue from guests, as well as a listing of all calls made by administration extensions. In addition, it is possible to run a wide range of management reports on your administration extensions, including departmental billing, itemised billing and frequency reports to check the most expensive numbers dialled

MiDAS will monitor incoming call frequency and operator response throughout the day to assist in identifying staffing requirements. All these reports can be run automatically each day, week or month